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Juicy Work awakens readers to the possibility of bringing all their energy, passion and experience into finding their own Juicy Work.

When you hear something described as "juicy,” you probably think of a luscious piece of fruit: bite into it and it rewards all your senses as it refreshes your spirit and nourishes your body. Juicy work is exactly that. It is work that fulfills and sustains you. It draws on all your strengths and expands abilities you may not even have been aware of having. It is work that makes a difference to you and, at its juiciest, a difference to the world.

The purpose of this book is to awaken the reader to the possibility of bringing all of their energy, passion, knowledge, and experience into their career and finding their own juicy work. To attain it, they must recognize what's getting in their way and then, through dialogue and exploration, begin to embody new behaviors, unlock inner wisdom and creativity, and shape their plan for a rich work life.

Some books focus on one element of job fit, having the right skill set. There are books to tell you how to 'play the corporate game.' The author believes in being authentic and using your head, heart and spirit in your job search. The process of approaching job fit from skills, passion and the right environment may not be unique, but the process and tools to get there offer something the author's clients find compelling.

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Sandy Mobley is a world class coach and story teller who will help you find your Juicy Work . . . Juicy Work is for anyone who wants to make a big difference in life and have fun doing it.

Scott Eblin, Author,

The Next Level: What Insiders Know about Executive Success

Sandy Mobley has written a concise and accessible book on how to embody authenticity, purpose, and wise action in the workplace. Her somatic sensibility clearly reveals how transformation occurs and how to sustain it.

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Founder,
Strozzi Somatics and author of

The Leadership Dojo